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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Emmy Update from the LA Times

While my source feels things are still subject to change and that nothing is official until the 17th, it appears whoever is getting inside information for LAT has something solid. So - the info that HoboCode/HoboNode/NoBo has put up is indeed accurate insider information.

"You're so smart! I'm glad you said -NAME REMOVED- might be covering his butt. You know, it just never occurs to me that people I talk to might have agendas like in this case, perhaps towing the company line? Grrr. But still, lists schmists, July 17th will let us know who the 5 in each category really are."

To which fans of LOST give a big "Hell Yeah!" to. Good Luck Naveen and Michael on getting into the final five!

From today's Times blog:

Status update: Our tattle on these Emmy Top 10 lists

We're almost done blabbing all of the lists for lead and supporting actors. Hang in there and we'll wrap this up soon. (But don't go too far because we've also got info on some of the guest categories too!)

So far we've leaked:

Best drama actorCLICK HERE
Best drama actressCLICK HERE
Best supporting drama actorCLICK HERE
Best supporting drama actressCLICK HERE
Best comedy actressCLICK HERE
Best supporting comedy actor CLICK HERE

Only two more to go and we'll have that info soonest! Meantime, I can tell you what I do know about those races. Missing from the list of comedy actors is longtime Emmy fave Kelsey Grammer ("Back to You")! Newcomer Lee Pace ("Pushing Daisies") made the cut. So did Emmy returnee David Duchovny ("Californication") and many of the usual Emmy suspects: Steve Carell ("The Office"), Alec Baldwin ("30 Rock"), Larry David ("Curb Your Enthusiasm"), Charlie Sheen ("Two and a Half Men") and Tony Shalhoub ("Monk"). I'm missing two names, but will have those shortly.


I have the list of contenders for best supporting comedy actress, but I want to confirm a few things before releasing it. At this point I am absolutely certain of these entries: Elizabeth Perkins ("Weeds"), Holland Taylor ("Two and a Half Men") and Vanessa Williams ("Ugly Betty").

By the way, we're very sorry, Emmy fans, that the TV academy tries to hide this information from you. The Oscars and Daytime Emmys don't pull this — they release all info in every race that involves a runoff. Without exception. Those two groups know that the whole point of having these awards isn't to pass out fake gold statuettes. It's to promote a public discussion of what comprises, in this case, the best TV, so that means the Emmys should open up the voting process on every level. This is the third year in a row that Gold Derby is giving you this information because the TV academy won't. ATAS did divulge the two Top 10 lists of semifinalists in the races for comedy and drama series this year. Hooray. That's a good start, but, strangely, it then issued a statement insisting that it won't reveal any more Emmy info. Why? Why give us two lists, but not others? That makes no sense. But the academy hasn't made sense on this issue since it introduced the runoffs three years ago. So we're trying to inject logic into this process for you, dear Emmy fan! And for the academy too, because the Emmy is the greatest showbiz award of them all. It matters.

Ah well, If nothing else, all this skulduggery has been fun while we dig up this precious info for you! I have a hunch it's going to end soon, though. ATAS doesn't like Gold Derby acting all jolly like this. They've publicly admitted that the reason they unveiled the series lists is to stop us from doing so. Well, let's hope they now do the same thing in the future with the acting lists. We wouldn't mind a bit!

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