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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lost Makes it's Way to the Sci Fi Channel

If buying or renting DVDs (Season 4 out Dec 9th), streaming on or, or just downloading off the internet does not provide the experience you are looking for, good ole' Skiffy is bringing reruns of Lost to your home. The Sci Fi Channel will begin rerunning the series on Monday, September 15 with a block of four episodes starting at 7pm Eastern. Then tune in every Monday thereafter for a four episode fix of Lost.

While it is obvious most would rather do without the commercial breaks and endless promos for cheesy monster of the week movies and Stargate Atlantis, it is always nice to stumble upon an old friend when riding the remote control. And if I stumbled upon it, I most likely would leave it on. That may be what Skiffy is counting on rather than finding a new audience.

PRESS RELEASE: Bonnie Hammer at Sci-Fi Channel has attempted to preemptively cancel Lost due to frighteningly high production costs and narrow fan base. Those are dollars better spent on the Mutant Stapler from Mars trilogy that has been green lit. Ms. Hammer soon realized it actually wasn't her show, started screaming something about "Muppets in her sleep" and was dragged off by "assistants" in clean white shirts


Edshrinker said...

OH C'mon, I expected HOPED FOR, at least one SAVE FARSCAPE comment. Sigh. I guess I have to continue my recruiting efforts.

Paul Burrows said...

Kill Farscape, put it out of its misery! Just kidding Ed, I'll shut up now.