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Friday, July 4, 2008

Matthew Fox 4th Sexiest TV Doctor of All-Time

17. Dr. Preston Burke - Isaiah Washington - Grey's Anatomy

16. Dr. Billy Kronk - Peter Berg - Chicago Hope

15. Dr. Eric Foreman - Omar Epps - House

14. Dr. Gonzo Gates - Gregory Harrison - Trapper John, M.D.

13. Dr. Peter Burns - Jack Wagoner - Melrose Place

12. Dr. Sam Bennett - Tae Diggs - Private Practice

11. Dr. Tony Gates - John Stamos - ER

10. Dr. James Kildaire - Richard Chamberlain - Dr. Kildaire

9. Dr. Mark Sloan - Eric Daine - Grey's Anatomy

8. Dr. Luka Kovac - Goran Visnjic - ER

7. Dr. Christian Troy - Julian McMahon - Nip/Tuck

6. Dr. Steven Kiley - James Brolin - Marcus Welby, M.D.

5. Dr. Bobby Caldwell - Mark Harmon - St. Elsewhere

4. Dr. Jack Shephard - Matthew Fox - LOST

3. Dr. Philip Chandler - Denzel Washington - St. Elsewhere

2. Dr. Derrick Shepherd - Patrick Dempsey - Grey's Anatomy

1. Dr. Doug Ross - George Clooney - ER

Source: TV Guide


Linda said...

If I ever need to go to an ER I hope that Tony Gates (John Stamos) is there to take care of me!! He is in my opinion the sexiest doctor on TV!!

Napoleon Park said...

I guess Derek Shepherd and Jack Shephard aren't related after all. Still, who'd expect McDreamy to out-score our McBeardy/McDrinky.
And where the heck is Greg House M.D., Ben Casey and Niles Crane? (Okay, I guess being a straight guy I have a weird idea of what makes a man sexy.)