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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sawyer & Sayid Polls

Looks like most of you wouldn't believe Sawyer.

Would you have believed Sawyer if you didn't know him and he came to you with a money making deal?

2 (28%)

5 (71%)

Votes so far: 7

I'm curious what adventures Sayid would have had. It might have been interesting to cut back & forth between the main island group and his weekly adventures. Maybe he would have found the four toed foot statue and been about to explore it more thoroughly? Maybe he would have found the Tailies instead of Sawyer & Mike & Jin? Maybe he would have found the Tempest since its near a beach? who knows? The possibilities could have been endless. But finding Danielle did a who;e lot to move the plot also so what we got was awesome also.

Would the show have been better if Sayid had kept going and found the Others instead of following the cable and finding Danielle in Solitary?

3 (33%)

6 (66%)

Votes so far: 9

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