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Friday, July 4, 2008

Who are the island's Adam and Eve? Poll results

I actually had a hard time voting in this poll, for some reason the blog wouldn't let me. I hope that future polls work better. I would have voted for Annie & Lover.

Jack & Kate
1 (12%)

Jack & Juliet
0 (0%)

Sawyer & Kate
1 (12%)

Sawyer & Juliet
0 (0%)

Annie & Lover (Ben killed them out of anger)
0 (0%)

Two Hostiles
0 (0%)

6 (75%)

Votes so far: 8


theredtoad said...

My "Other" vote is Desmond and Penny.

Zdeňka said...

Again about adam and eve from Lost
I don´t know, but I think about Jack and Kate, yes, fans, I´m their fan, they are first people together, if I don´t account Charlie and Sayid or Claire and Hurley:) yes I absolutely love pilot from Lost:))