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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Word from Kevin Durand (Keamy)

And while his Lost character was seemingly killed off in this season’s finale, Durand said he wouldn’t be surprised if audiences saw Keamy again next season.

“The guy just doesn’t want to die,” he said.

Source: Full Article @ Thunderbay



Napoleon Park said...

Yeesh, I thought Keamy was creepy enough as it is, but I would seriously hate to see the character with that big happy grin - I'd hate to think of what might please him that much.
The news that his seemingly dead character might be back on the show next season would be pretty good news for the actor, though - I can see that.

Paul Burrows said...

My guess is that his appearances will all be in frighter flashbacks.

We still need to know Frank, Charlotte's, Daniel & Miles stories are. Also maybe a little of Naomi's back story would be nice.

Cheif Brody said...

I think we'll see Keamy again in a big round table discussion...with Naomi, Abbadon, Farraday & Charlotte & Lipinsky, etc...the pre-flight/pre-shipping out briefing if you will...with Abaddon giving the instructions...until Widmore steps into the room...and wishes them Godspeed... Everyone will leave...but Keamy will have to stay behind and get the REAL briefing from Widmore...Linus...ALIVE...everyone else...DEAD!