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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Destiny of John Locke

The video short below is a collaboration between Paul Burrows (4We8Have15To16Go23Back42) and Eddy Hansen (Edshrinker). The idea presented by Paul was, how can we show Lock's ascention into the "chosen" man the island has deemed his to be. As you can see, very ealry on, it was suspected that John was special. It was only a matter of time...


Napoleon Park said...

A Burrows-Shrinker Production, I take it? Awesome scene selection, sharp editing.
John Locke before he became a psycho coot. Back when he was the show's coolest character. And of course including his iconic catch phrase. "Don't you ever tell me what I can't do!" Excellent work, men.

Thinking ahead to John in that coffin and back to his battered face after his fall - I wonder how badly beaten and bruised he was to need that much cosmetic work?

HoboCode said...

Great stuff guys! We should do one for Claire's flashbacks. "From Goth to Ghoul". It's a working title.