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Monday, July 7, 2008

Watchback: Raised By Another

I love how we still don't know for a long time about Ethan or who he is or what hes about. We know now from the Mobisodes that Ethan lost his wife to the island Pregnancy curse and that probably why Ethan went to further extremes in kidnapping Claire and injecting her with something. We still don't really know if it had to do with the stuff that Juliet used to supposedly save her or if it was something else.

I agree with Ed that her boyfriend was an idiot to have left her, I know from experience how hard it is to raise kids, but man she is beautiful.

I love Lockes comment to Hurley "And who's checking on you?" when Hurley was do the list checking.

As for the psychic I remember Darlton saying in a recent Podcast that whether or not Richard Malkin made a real prediction is a very important question to ask. He could be a fraud, but at the same time he could have lied to Eko. It is interesting how much he was calling her and really wanted to get her to raise the baby.

I love how Hurley just lays it out with Sawyer about getting the flight manifest and he just gives it to her.

Both Ethan & Locke are very creepy looking at the end.

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