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Friday, July 11, 2008

Watchback: All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues

This is interesting watching the whole Christian/drinking incident and knowing that it happened after Jack's divorce and his attacking Christian at the AA meeting and how Jack drove him to drink again. Kind of sad. Although Christian hasn't been exactly a saint ether.

Hurley's "Back home... I was known as a warrior myself" comment was funny.

I love the part where the search party finds that Charlie had left a trial of stuff behind to help them find him. In the Two Towers (book & movie) the Hobbits Merry & Pippin (Which Dominick Monigan played one of them) also left behind a trail when kidnapped.

I also love Boone's red shirt comment which ended us being foreshadowing of things to come. Locke's response about Kirk being a piss poor captain was also foreshadowing.

So I wonder if Hurley will every pay Walt the 20 thousand dollars that he owes him?

I thought sure that Charlie was dead when Jack was trying to bring him back to life, I'm so glad that he came back, he had so many great episodes after that.

Looks like Locke is starting a habit of acting like hes going after an Other Ethan, Ben, etc. and instead looking for a hatch or other island mysteries.

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