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Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Controversy: Locke's Coffin

During the next several, awful, Lost-Less months, I am going to lean upon those in and out of Room 23 to come up with their favorite controversies regarding the Lost mythology. When one is brought up, I am going to use whatever down time I have from work and play to do a little research and see if I clarify it a bit. And with friends like I have around the world of Lost - there are lots of bright minds to help me put something together.

The first "Controversy" I jumped on is far from the most prevalent - but it is the most recent. There has been some chatter that Jeremy Bentham

has two less legs than John Locke. The evidence for this is the coffin.

I'm not sure about you, but from the times I have been to viewings, the deceased is placed in the coffin so that the larger/longer lid can be lifted to view the person from the waist up. The lower half of the body is situated under the shorter lid that is usually not opened. I could be wrong - its not something you think of at a viewing. But it is what my mind's eye tells me is true.

I think it is clear by this picture, however, that the coffin is not shortened for an amputee - it is a normal sized coffin. And I'm not quite sure it would be appropriate to pick out half a box because someone has lost their I never really understood this line of thinking anyway. Do they make the coffin thinner if he loses his arms? Obviously, there are smaller coffins for the horrible event one has to bury a child. In this case, however, I am in the opinion one would have on prosthetics for the viewing, wearing a full suit in a normal coffin. And this coffin looks as normal as one can possibly look.

So - if Locke lost his legs, there is no clue here to establish that fact. If you! That is what makes the world go 'round. Let's hear about it in the comments section. And if you have a Controversy you'd like looked into, drop a note there as well and my crack Room 23 team and I will get cracking on soon as our real jobs let us!

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