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Friday, May 16, 2008

NEW POLL: What is meant by Move the Island?

The question is simple, though the answers may not be. Locke seems quite smug that he is about to do something very amazing. Considering Locke's history, however, this may just blow up in his face (literally perhaps?) and he will be massively humiliated for the ump-teenth time. Or - now that we know Locke is indeed the "chosen one", is this the moment it all changes for John Locke? Hope so - he only had to sacrifice nearly every person he swore to protect in New Otherton. But I digress...

So - the question posed: What is actually meant by "Move"? The simplest answer is, he'll move it physically somehow. Or is the answer more temporal...he is going to move it in time? Maybe both? Or maybe completely off the grid and he is headed for another Universe; an entirely new timeline? If you have another option, please choose OTHER and list your idea here in the Comments section.

Namaste...and may these many days move quickly towards May 29th.

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Napoleon Park said...

You can't move in time and not space. Move one hour ahead in a fixed position and the Earth will be far away. Not good. You can't move in space, not time. If you teleported from A to B instantaneously, you'd still have to be at A and then at B a fraction of a second in the future, since you cannot be in two places at once (especially if you're not anywhere at all.)

Marvel Comics acknowledged that one of the worst stories they every published and then disavowed was an issue of Team-Up in which villains tried to tow the island of Manhattan out to sea.

As tempting as the sci-fi impossibility of moving the Island in both time and space and the implication that moving the Island on 12/26/04 caused the Tsunami is, I never really wanted Lost to lose that much of it's grip with reality.

So I'm going with "other" and the theory that the Islands strange electro-magnetic aura is what causes it to be invisible to conventional navigation, and by altering the frequency of those vibrations, it changes the bearings and headings needed to find the island without actually moving it physically. Yeah, probably still sci-fi-ish and improbable, but better the techo-babble that blinds you with science than an impossibility that makes you snicker.
(And if they DO physically shift the islands position, either a few miles or from one vile vortice to another, I will try not to snicker anyway.)