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Thursday, May 29, 2008

"We Don't Know Jack" @ Slate
In this Slate article entitled "We Don't Know Jack" writer Juliet Lapidos takes a smart but superficial look at Lost and puts forth a convincing argument on why the Flash-Forward format has made Season Four of "Lost" not only the best year ever of TV's best show, but the first season to really deserve the accolades the show has earned over the years. Even though ratings are still down. On the down side, she references the "making it up as they go along" theory which all "Lost" fans and even most of the fans critics are way over.
The humorous highlight of the article is her breakdown of the first three years:
"1) Are there other people on this island?
2) There are other people on this island.
3) Oh, my God, the other people on this island are way mean!"
The article takes an overall positive tone without being a fanboy rave. Probably not worth cut'n'pasting here, but worth a read for the open minded fan.

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