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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Locke's Death Foretold In A Vision

I was thinking about John Locke's childhood drawing. It has three components. A prone person, a spiral hurricane like cloud, and a scrawl at the base of the cloud.

I may be giving the Misfit's joke about it being a man with big ears and no hair too much credence, or maybe there was never any doubt that this was meant to depict the adult Locke and I was just slow to "get it". I still think this may actually be a depiction of young Locke's vision foretelling his future death.

What what I was pondering this time was that scrawl at the base of the cloud of smoke. It lacks any recognizable detail, so I can understand why some people thought it depicted the plane crash. or it could just as easily be a bonfire. Or a volcano.
What it made me wonder, though, is this: if there's truth to the aphorism "Where there's smoke, there's fire", then when Smokey appears... what burns?
Something physical like the volcano? Something mystical, like a burnt sacrifice used to summon it? Or something spiritual, such as burning souls?

Was young Locke's drawing an image of his death?
And when the Smoke comes, what burns?

Does it have any significance that the person depicted in the drawing has four fingers on each hand?

And was I the only one taken by surprise to learn that the promo tag line "a child left motherless" actually referred to Locke?


Napoleon Park said...

This never occured to me until now, but Locke is NOT the oldest person on the Island. I'm not refering to any allegedly "immortal" characters. Bernard Nadler the dentist is 56 or 57 and his wife Rose Henderson Nadler is "in her fifties".

Napoleon Park said...

If Locke's mother Emily was crying out "Name him John!" as he was wheeled away as a premature baby, how did he wind up being named Johnathan?

rbrog77 said...

Tell me if I'm nuts, okay, but now that I see this pic again, there looks to be a word underneath the smoke. Looks like it's done in block letters.

Whatcha think?

rbrog77 said...

I think the word underneath the smoke or scribble is ALONE.
Now I've speculated that Ben and Widdy weren't the only forces in play here, but do you think maybe Locke decides he can't trust anyone else being there...that he alone has the island's best interest at hand?

That would add a whole knew look at we have to go back, wouldn't it?

...if it is ALONE...much less a word.