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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Way too Many Promotional Photos for Part One of the Finale

I know I've got some percocet in here somewhere
No No No. The name is Claire Littleton. Really. Notice my outraaaageous accent?
Hmm. That reporter is kinda cute. Time for this girl to PLAY

No. Jah -Rah. Sie -eed Jah - Rah
I don't know. One day he just popped out. I think its the Marshall's, but who knows with me.
If I could remember who this was, I'd write something pithy
(UPDATE: It's Jack's mom according to Doc Arzt)
You think he'll be pissed we spent all his money?
Yes, Question from you Mr. Avellino?

No Kate, He is much too young for a Millennium Falcon
So, um, Sun...since Jin isn't around...
I told you, I have a slow metabolism.
Dude, is that the Oceanic press conference food spread I smell?
I made a tough decision. I am a doctor. THAT is what I do. That and act really wooden

Look Kate, I don't think they will buy that baby being mine and Jin's!
Looks like I'm building another damn raft
Fly Oceanic - You could wind up in paradise
The O-6 Announces their US Tour
Daddy Paik, life of the party

Jack is choosing that skinny b#%$h over THESE!?!?
Does anyone know how to change one of these things?
Yes Juliet, they are real and spectacular. Kate just needs more fixing than you.
No Kate, you cannot use Aaron as a flotation device.

CS really should smile more
Secret Island Handshake
Is this smile because she knows Jin might make it...or because she knows he won't?
HEY JIN! Charlotte speaks Korean. Time to move on, Buddy
Juliet wonders why Jack is already on the raf...oh, yup, there's Kate.

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