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Friday, May 16, 2008

The Polling Has Ended

Who made the CREEPIEST 1st Appearance in Cabin Fever???

First off though - I really want to thank all of you. It was a record setting turnout at Room 23 for this particular Poll. We are really grateful for all the participation. You don't see any ads or anything, we don't have to have a hit count or anything...but when you all respond to stuff, we know the extra work we throw in is appreciated. So once again - thank you so much!

Our Sweet, beautiful Claire blew away the competition with exactly half of the vote! Christian did not finish far ahead of "other" which is credit to his someone's dead father risen from the dead with a change of clothes, new shoes should be pretty dang creepy! But I guess the bedside manner won out. Here are all of the results:

Claire 50%
Richard Alpert 26%
Matthew Abaddon 8%
Christian Shephard 4%
Other 1%

And our other poll asked the question: Is Locke, Jacob?

The answer as far as Room 23ers are concerned, was simple:

77% Said......NO
22% Said......Yes

The bigger question, one that will have LOST fans clinging to the edges of their seats all through the Summer and Fall......

What in THE heck happened to that other 1% ???

If you have a suggestion for a poll, please drop it into the comments section below.


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