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Friday, May 16, 2008

MAJOR SPOILER: Spectacular Kiss is Revealed by ODI

Well folks, my body is battered, but I have to do my duty. I have jumped on yet another spoiler grenade...this being one of the Season 4 biggies - the Spectacular Smooch.

Please beware my friends...I am using >>>InvisoText<<< HOWEVER, THERE IS A SCREENCAP BELOW. So do not scroll down if you do not want tho be spoiled.

**UPDATED** 8:30PM PST As suspected tonight's promo hints at a potential kiss between Kate and Sawyer and I would like to say I can confirm that the "spectacular kiss" is indeed between Sawyer and Kate.

I do not have confirmation to reveal this information from my source, but I do NOT want to dangle all of you wonderful fans that have been so patient over the last 24 hours...!! I thought I could continue this wonderful game, but it has been fun. Enjoy the moment Sawyer and Kate fans, just please do me a favor all visit the rest of the site we have posted SEVERAL screencaps of tonight's episode on the front page of the site.

Here is a screencap for you all to love, hate and/or do what ever you would like to do with it!!

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