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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lostpedia Post Island Timeline

January 2005

Sunday, 2 January (Day 103)

"There's No Place Like Home, Part 1" The Oceanic Six's acclaimed cover story...

The O6 had been on the island of Membata (originally swept there from the crash site by ocean currents).

Remains of an Indonesian fishing boat (including a raft) wash up on the shore of Membata.

Friday, 7 January (Day 108)

"There's No Place Like Home, Part 1" The Oceanic Six's acclaimed cover story...

The O6 use the raft to travel to the Indonesian island of Sumba.

The O6 arrive on the island of Sumba near the town of Manukangga, where they are found by local fishermen.

Unknown date

"There's No Place Like Home, Part 1"

The US Coast Guard and Oceanic Airlines bring the Oceanic Six to a private military base just west of Honolulu, Hawaii.

Upon landing, Hurley reunites with his mother and father, Sun reunites with her mother and father, and Jack reunites with his mother.

Oceanic Airlines hosts a press conference for the O6.

After the press conference, Sayid reunites with Nadia.

Early 2005

Unknown dates

"There's No Place Like Home, Part 1"

Back in Korea, Sun confronts her father, blaming him for Jin's death and announces that she has bought a controlling interest in Paik Industries with her Oceanic settlement.

Under unknown circumstances, Sayid and Nadia are married.

In the Reyes estate, Hurley is thrown a surprise birthday party by his parents, with Aaron, Kate, Nadia, and Sayid among the guests (Jack is running late). Hurley's dad, surprises his son by having fixed up the Camaro as a memorial to Hurley's alleged death, and gives it to him for his birthday. Finding the Numbers on the odometer, Hurley runs from the party.

July 2005

Unknown date

"There's No Place Like Home, Part 1"

At Christian's funeral, with Aaron, Hurley, Kate, Nadia, and Sayid present, Jack delivers the eulogy, saying that he wrote something for his father's funeral "10 months ago", at the Sydney airport. Consequently, the funeral took place approximately 6 months after the Oceanic 6 were rescued.

After the funeral, Claire's mother tells Jack that she was the reason Christian had come to Australia, and reveals that Christian had a daughter, Claire who coincidentally also was on Oceanic 815. Thus Jack finally learns that Claire is his half-sister and Aaron is his nephew.

Unknown date

"Ji Yeon"

While packing a suitcase in Korea, Sun goes into labor and phones an ambulance.

Sun is recognized by medical staff as a member of the Oceanic Six.

Sun repeatedly calls out for Jin during the childbirth in the hospital.

Sun gives birth to her daughter, Ji Yeon Kwon.

Following July 2005

Unknown date

"Ji Yeon"

Hurley visits Sun and Ji Yeon in Korea; together they pay homage at Jin's grave (D.O.D. written as September 22, 2004 - Oceanic 815's crash date).

October 2005

Thursday, 20 October

"The Shape of Things to Come"

Nadia is shot and killed in Los Angeles - supposedly by Ishmael Bakir.

Monday, 24 October

"The Shape of Things to Come"

Ben appears in the Tunisian Sahara, wearing a DHARMA parka.

Ben is confronted by two Bedouins on horseback and plays innocent until attacking them both, killing at least one. He steals one of the horses and heads for Tozeur, Tunisia.

Ben arrives in Tozeur and checks into a hotel under the name Dean Moriarty.

Sayid, in Iraq, appears on Tunisian television saying, "I just want to bury my wife in peace."

Tuesday, 25 October

"The Shape of Things to Come"

Ben is in Tikrit, Iraq.

Sayid buries Nadia and spots Ben photographing him.

Wednesday, 26 October

"The Shape of Things to Come"

Ben talks Sayid into killing Ishmael Bakir and subsequently recruits Sayid as an assassin.

After Wednesday, 26 October 2005

Unknown dates

"The Economist" Date A

Sayid shoots and kills Mr. Avellino on a golf course in the Seychelles.

"The Economist" Date B (winter)

Working undercover for Ben, Sayid flirts with Elsa in order to find her employer, "the economist".

"The Economist" Date C (at least a week later)

Sayid is romantically involved with Elsa.

"The Economist" Date D
Elsa shoots Sayid, revealing she was trying to uncover his employer's identity.

Sayid kills Elsa.

Ben tends to Sayid's wounds, happy that "they" now know he is coming for them.

Unknown date

"The Shape of Things to Come"

Ben visits Charles Widmore in London and informs him that he is going to kill Penny in revenge for Alex's execution.

Between Summer 2005 and August 2007

Unknown dates

"The Beginning of the End" Date A

Hurley sees Charlie in a convenience store, panics, and flees in his Camaro, leading to a high speed chase across Los Angeles ending in his arrest.

Jack witnesses footage of Hurley's car chase on the news, recognizing the Camaro as Hurley's.
Once arrested, Hurley begs Detective Walton to recommit him to Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute.

"The Beginning of the End" Date B

Matthew Abaddon visits Hurley in Santa Rosa. He asks Hurley, "are they still alive?"
Charlie seems to appear in full, corporeal form on the hospital grounds, visible to Hurley and debatably one other patient. He tells Hurley, "they need you." Hurley, believing Charlie to be in his imagination, counts to five, successfully making him disappear.

Jack visits Hurley in Santa Rosa. Hurley reassures Jack that he won't "tell." When referring to the Island, Hurley admits, "I think it wants us to come back." "We're never going back!" Jack retorts.

Subsequent, unknown dates

"Eggtown" Date A

Kate is put in custody following her arraignment citing her for various crimes including fraud, arson, assault on a federal officer, assault with a deadly weapon, grand larceny, grand theft auto, and murder in the first degree.

"Eggtown" Date B

In Kate's trial, Jack testifies on Kate's behalf as a character witness.

"Eggtown" Date C

Kate's mother meets with Kate to say that she won't testify against Kate in her trial. She also wants to meet her "grandson," but Kate staunchly refuses.

"Eggtown" Date D

With the prosecution in Kate's trial missing their chief witness, Kate settles with the prosecution: No jail time; 10 years probation within California state lines.

After Kate's trial, Jack talks with her and skirts a visit to see Aaron.

August and September 2007

Friday, 31 August1

"Something Nice Back Home"

Jack, in Kate's house, is awoken by a morning phone call reminding him of an 11 a.m. consult with Ms. Berenberg.

Jack reads a newspaper article about the Yankees beating the Red Sox one day previous

(Thursday, 30 August 2007 ).

At night, Jack reads Aaron a bedtime story as Aaron falls asleep.

Unknown dates

"Something Nice Back Home" Date A (Friday, ?? September)

Jack finishes a meeting with Ms. Berenberg at least a week after her initial consult. He reminds her of her surgery at 5 a.m. the next morning.

Jack visits Hurley at Santa Rosa.

Hurley claims that Charlie predicted his visit. He gives Charlie's message to Jack: "You're not supposed to raise him," presumably referring to Aaron. Charlie also informed Hurley that Jack too would soon have "a visitor."

Jack makes an unscheduled stop at Santa Rosa, nervously looking near the bench where Hurley had said he'd talked to Charlie.

Jack proposes to Kate and she accepts.

"Something Nice Back Home" Date B (one day later; Saturday, ?? September)

Jack presumably performs surgery on Ms. Berenberg, starting up at 5 a.m.

"Something Nice Back Home" Date C (less than a week later)

Jack sees his father in the lobby of his office. He asks Erika Stevenson to write him a prescription for Clonazepam.

Arriving at home early, Jack finds Kate talking on the phone about when he normally gets home from work.

Jack takes a Clonazepam with a beer.

"Something Nice Back Home" Date D (less than a week from "Date B")

After Jack becomes suspicious of Kate, he comes home early, gets drunk, and confronts her about where she'd been that day. Kate reveals she was doing a favor for Sawyer. Jack reminds her that Sawyer chose to stay behind and he, Jack, was the one who came back and saved her.

September 2007 or later1

Unknown dates

"Through the Looking Glass" Date A/B

Prior to landing in Los Angeles, Jack is handed a newspaper which contains an article about someone's death.

"Through the Looking Glass" Date B

On his drive home at 2 a.m., Jack pulls his vehicle over on a bridge at around 2am and gets out with the intention of committing suicide by jumping off the bridge. Before he jumps, there is a car crash behind him and he ends up saving Mrs. Arlen and her son from the flaming wreckage.
Being stitched up at a hospital, Jack is visited by a visibly pregnant Sarah.

After sunrise, Jack is viewing the charts of Mrs. Arlen and is met by Dr. Hamill. Jack wants to operate on her but Dr. Hamill tells him that it will be taken care of in the morning and that he will call Jack with the results.

"Through the Looking Glass" Date C

Jack attends the viewing for the man from the newspaper at the Hoffs-Drawlar Funeral Home, and is the only attendee. He tells the funeral director that he is neither friend nor family to the deceased.

Jack tries to get a refill of oxycodone at a pharmacy and tries to convince the pharmacist that the prescription was written by his father, Dr. Christian Shephard before walking away upset and knocking over a sunglass display.

Jack goes back to the hospital to steal some oxycodone and is confronted by Dr. Hamill. Dr. Hamill tells Jack that Mrs. Arlen revealed after surgery that she crashed because she saw someone about to jump from the bridge. He asks Jack if he's alright and if he's been drinking to which Jack replies that they should bring his father here to see who is more drunk before leaving the hospital.

"Through the Looking Glass" Date C/D

At home, surrounded by maps and alcohol, Jack calls Kate to meet her that night at the airport.
At the airport Jack and Kate meet. Jack tries to convince her that it was a mistake for them to have ever left the Island and that they need to go back. He also comments that he has been using his golden pass from Oceanic to fly over the Pacific every weekend hoping it crashes.

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