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Thursday, May 15, 2008

SPOILER SPOILER: A Lostie NOT in the Coffin

While we have until May 29th to wait until it is revealed who is in the coffin (unless you follow the spoilers posted by Dark UFO), there at least one very popular choice that can be eliminated.

AND...we go to >>>InvisoText<<<>

Dark UFO knows the answers to our burning questions due to his source. He has yet to post the coffin spoiler, but through a little checking, we can eliminate the person considered to be the most likely occupant.

In the Rumors section, a post with the title: Want to know who is in the coffin? reveals Michael Dawson to be a dead man.

Dark UFO has JUST deemed this rumor to be a HOAX. Michael is NOT in the coffin. Just like my NCAA Tourney bracket - my number one choice is now toast.


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