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A gathering place for those who love the ABC TV show Lost. This blog was started by a group of Fans who kept the Season 3 finale talkback at Ain't It going all the way until the première of the 4th season as a way to share images, news, spoilers, artwork, fan fiction and much more. Please come back often and become part of our community.

Friday, May 30, 2008

More S.O.D.

Or - ScreenGrabbage On Demand.

If there are some screencaps that any of you folks wish to see, I will be happy to scan the There's No Place Like Home: Parts 1-3 to snap some images. Once I collect a couple, I will post them here or send them to you via email if you wish (please include your email in the request).

If you can provide the Episode name and season and a ballpark figure of when the event happened (and a bit more time), you may also request anything else for the four seasons, including the Missing Pieces. I am here to serve. And anything I can do to soften the blow of the thought of 8 months with no new LOST...well we do what we can.

I'll check the comments section to this post often for your requests. The other option is to shoot me an email at
I have enjoyed the website and what a pleasure it has been participating in something so special - this shortened season of LOST is still one of the best season of television I have experienced. Organized watchbacks are being planned and we will post a schedule soon for those that wish to participate (and once we talk RB into doing it again!). See you around the blog!


As peaceful as you will ever see John Locke.

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Paul Burrows said...


Can you post an image of Bens box with the mirror & crackers in the 1st part of the finale?