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Monday, May 12, 2008

Dark UFO with Painful Scoopage (possibly).

This is a post of a post of a post. You talk about mind-boggling?!

My hope is, we are seeing some misdirection for prying eyes or a twist with having Des as a visitor to the viewing after Jack leaves. Now...if Des is alive and off the island, who would be in that coffin he would make the trip to LA to see? He and Michael are staying on that freighter, so they could become at the very least acquaintances. Ben - no, Locke - no, ...and all the others speculated to be in the box...I don't see it. If Des is not the one boxed up, then I think this is more evidence for Michael being in there. And the poster makes solid points on why it wouldn't be Des. Not to mention, Pen-nah would insure a proper funeral for Des no matter what. I can't believe, do not WANT to believe it would be him. Thoughts? Throw them down in the comments section.

Here is the post, verbatim from Dark UFO:

Thanks to Aslanscubs for the following filming update.

Note: The poster is speculating about Desmond being in the coffin as they never actually saw him. However, it still means that if it is not Desmond in the coffin that he is off the Island and may have been visiting the person in the coffin.

The mind boggles.

From a post by at Survivor Suck:

They are filming at the same funeral home as end of last season when Jack went alone to the funeral home and no one else was there....Kate's response as to why she didn't go was "Why would I go?" as if she hated the person in the coffin. Now, they are obviously filming the final episode for this season, same place and the only star to be seen...hold on to your DESMOND! in suit and tie, hair pulled couldn't possibly be Desi in the coffin could it? That makes no sense! Oh yeah, right, this is LOST...but if it is Desmond in the coffin, what could he have done to piss Kate off so much? Why did he die alone and no one cared....he wasn't one of the Oceanic much to ponder...
Aloha again folks!

Source: Aloha Oe @ Survivorsucks


Paul Burrows said...

Ed, what do you think of the coffin rumor below? What if Desmond is attending the funeral to see Michael in the coffin? I always thought that Michael being in the coffin was to easy a guess, but now maybe?

Jamie said...

I suspect Michael is in the coffin. He and Desmond are probably going to team up on the freighter over the next three episodes. if Desmond is off the island, he would want to pay his respects.

The big question here is whether Charles widmore has already hidden Penny from Ben. desmond gets his wish to leave the island but he is still separated from his true love.

Edshrinker said...

Yeah PAul, I read that...It kinda backs this up, doesn't it? You and I have been on the Michel bandwagon fot the coffin from day 1, so I think we are seeing some real evidence now.

Sooo afraid reason goes out the window and Des in that coffin. Kate's attitude, Penny not being there or throwing a nice funeral back home - makes no sense. Michael is the only viable guess now.

So, the frozen donkey wheel...what is the game changer? Still so very curious about that

Paul Burrows said...

Actually I have been against Michael being in the coffin from the begining, just like I was against Michael being Ben's man on the boat because I thought that it was to easy. I actually was quite vocal about Sun being in tne coffin, but I was wrong about the boat thing, so Im willing to believe that Michael is in the coffin.