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Monday, May 19, 2008

(Paul's Thoughts on) There's No Place Like Home

It was great to finally see the OC 6's parents again. I was wondering why we never saw them in the flashforwards and if we would. I also love Sawyer's You don't get to die alone comment when Jack was going off into the jungle again. I thought that it was strange that Locke would throw the crackers to Hurley. Kind gesture, but he didn't even think about the shelf life. I wonder if when Ben was signaling someone in the mountains if he was actually telling the Hostiles group to head for the Orchid? Although it reminded me of when Ben was walking up to the Flame and telling Mikael to not shoot him.

With the Sun takeover Im wondering if She will somehow use her company to get information on Widmore or on how to return to the island? I love the "Jesus Christ is not a weapon" comment. I love how clueless Hugo's parents are. Im glad that the numbers are back. That was clever to put them in the car odomiter. I love how Sawyer calls Frank Shaggy. When I first saw this I thought that Jack would deny knowing about Claire like Hurley did with Ana Lucia to her partner. Im glad they finally dealt with the sibling thing, This is probably one of the many reasons why Jack finally wants to go back.

Im curious about the C4 on the boat. I wonder if theres anyway they could defuse it all without it exploding. This sure sets things up nicely for parts 2 & 3. Will the boat blow up? We know that Ben won't be killed, So will Locke be able to move the island? Also where are the Hostiles taking Kate & Sayid? Are they going top help Ben, or something else?

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