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Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Controversy: Where is Vincent?

Ok - while this isn't really controversy, it is a concern for those of us who either love dogs, believe Vincent has a bigger role to play in the conclusion of our story, or both. And anyway, who couldn't love the trusted, lovable lab of Lost?

He's gonna need some therapy if he ever goes home due to abandonment issues, however.

First. Good News! I talked to Bucky the other day and he says he found him! Here's the two of them messing around in another abandoned Dharma station.

The bad news is, he doesn't know where or when they are.

Ok. all kidding aside, Vincent is alive and well though currently hanging with a redshirt - which is never a good thing where survival is concerned. Unless Mr Bentham decides to bring him along, which I doubt, he looks to be a permanent part of the island for at least the 3 + years it takes our Losties to get back. Wil they finally take him with them, then? Will he want to go? Is he the new leader of the Others?

If you look in the top, left corner - you see our favorite Lostie

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