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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Regarding the Death of Martin Keemy and Vacation of Claire Littleton

I just wanted to point out with pride our Room 23ers may not be the biggest of the website groups...but I contend we are the smartest. Once again...results from the - Who gets to end Keemy's Miserable Life poll:

1. Ben 27%
2. Sawyer 22%
3. Sayid 16%
4a.Xiphos 12%
4b.Danielle 12%
5. Michael 10%
Locke, Smokie, and Other <10%

And thanks to Kristen Dos Santos, we unfortunately now know Emilie de Ravin will have Season 5 off, to return in Season 6 (gods be damned!). What did the Room 23ers have to say about this a week before the announcement?

Who is getting the unfortunate, Michael-style vacation?

Claire Littleton 74%
Rose Nadler 4%
Sun Kwon 2%
Kate Austin 1%
Madison 1%

Many more examples to follow. I am waiting for Pa to tell us Darlton is shutting down the site due suspicion of Walt like psychic abilities of our guests here. Maybe I should just put up a poll..."How does it all end?" But then again - who really wants to know that answer now?

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