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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dark UFO has the Goods

It appears Dark UFO has a reliable source back...and they will have the answer to nearly every question we have asked this season. Well - at least the ones that have been promised to be answered this season.

While you would hope the troll network would avoid posting the spoilers in talkbacks, you know it is going to happen - so be very very careful tomorrow. When they begin to dish out info over at Dark UFO, we will (while giving full credit to them of course) relay that information over here in FULL INVISOTEXT. I will make sure you are well warned and cannot stumble on anything significant here. I'm gonna jump on the grenade my friends, unless I can post it without peeking. And I simply do not have that kind of willpower. So, I may think of some type of way to drop some hints to make this fun, while giving nothing away. But otherwise, Room 23 WILL remain safe for the duration of the season. But be warned...The Truth is Out There. For real. Beware.

Here is a snippet off the Dark UFO Website:

Just to let you know that I've just been contacted by LostFan108 again and he has provided me with the main synopsis points for Episode 4.12 Parts 1, 2 and 3.

Tomorrow we will be posting a high level synopsis for 4.12 Part 1 and then sometime before 19th May we will post the key highlights from Parts 2 and 3. This will include all the main cliffhangers and talking points, including who the kiss is between, who is in the coffin (It shocked me) and what the Frozen Donkey Wheel is, along with any deaths.

I'm making this post to warn as many of you who don't like the big spoilers to stay clear of this section of the site as well as any other unmoderated message boards as there will certainly be idiots who will post it wildly around the net.

The posts will be done in such a way as to make it difficult for people to copy and paste the text and we will have lots of "Are you Sure" messages.

If you can pass this onto other web sites and message board owners warning them to watch out for potential trolls spreading the spoilers.

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