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Sunday, May 18, 2008

(The Misfit) MY REviews!! Theres no places left AT home

HEre IS My review of the FINALE!! I cannot BELIEVE season 4 is OVER and we have to WAIT till AUGUST for SEASON 5!!


I will BE going through ALL 4 SEASONS and watching them AGAIN with A hat on and LOOKIGN at it FRame by frame with my Night Vision Googles to SEE if i can find CLUES and more factoids!!

- Baby ERINS head is GETTER bigger each week!!
- WHERE did Jack GET his suit from!! HE did not HAVE that suit ON the ISLAND
- Poor KATE looked VERY lonely after Kidnapping Erin!!
- HAVE the Oceanic 6 ALL been brainwashed!! They seem TO have COMPELTELY forgotten about everything that HAPPEN on the ISLAND!! SUN is so brainwashed THAT she has forgotten ABOUT gin!!
- Those PHONES have very long lasting BATTERIES!!
- WHY did SAywer Kidnap ERIN as well!! HE should HAVE given her BACK to claire!!
- It LOOKS like Jack was SHOT but did NOT know as there WAS a lot oF blood on HIM!!
- HALF way THROUGH the episode BABY erins HEAD shrunk!!
- DID the ISLAND heal the Crackers and make them CRUNCHY after 15 YEARS!!
- MR Pike HAS a big office!!
- MR pike HAS funny EYES!! One is much BIGGER than the other!!
- NICE to see the WHISPERS back before Hurleys party!!
- Glad the NUMBERS were back!!
- HUGO has a rubbish CAR that keeps FIring stuff!!
- Hugo DAD is not GOOD at sayign JOKES- HUGOs mum is VERY insentive THROWING him a beach PARTY!! What WAS she thinking!!
- Richard Alpen WAS good a capturing kate and Sayeed!!
- I was UNIMPRESSED wioth the ORCHID!! It just GROWS flowers!!
- I cant BELEIVE that Creamy SHOT Ben in the HEAD!!

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