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Friday, May 23, 2008


A merry group of lost addicts has aquired Mystery Tales No. 40 and wishes to share it!

Please check out their adventures and the progress of the scans at:



rbrog77 said...

great find fishy

Napoleon Park said...

Of course they're posting it one page at a time to leave a cliffhanger - how Lost of them.

My favorite bit of dialogue "He was a photographer with a group of museum scientists in Tibet. He got lost..." -poom!-

I wonder if Faraday and Charlotte have Phd.s in "Museum Science"? Seems rather all-inclusive for a specialty.

Thanks so much for finding and linking to this - very groovy.
I still wonder who the art is by. There are a few panels and poses that just scream Ditko but that cross-hatchy pen scratchy style is like nothing I've ever seen by him. Maybe it was a artist jam by everyone who was in the office at the time.

Anyone else give any thought to what DAOA Airlines (from the comics cover) might stand for? I'm sticking with "Direct Australian-Oceanic-American Airlines". Though the ominous similarities to "Dead On Arrival" are pretty obvious.