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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

POLL RESULTS: Who will be the one to end Keamy's miserable life?

Room 23ers have spoken. Xiphos, you may get a call up to be on the team. Get ready for a detour on your way to your next deployment. Though, a dead woman got as many votes as you did ;>} But, you will be with "The Good Guys".

1. Ben 27%
2. Sawyer 22%
3. Sayid 16%
4a.Xiphos 12%
4b.Danielle 12%
5. Michael 10%
Locke, Smokie, and Other <10%

Total Votes... a record (so far) 48 votes!!!

Thanks for the participation gang. If you have any suggestions for a poll you would like to see - drop a suggestion here and we will see if we can throw it up in some form for you.

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