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Monday, May 19, 2008

MAJOR SPOILERS TNPLH: Part's 2 and 3 - Synopsis in VidText

Well - DarkUFO and their source have done it. The final 2 hours of LOST are revealed.

I will say only three things, non spoilery about what I just read:
  1. I'm very disappointed. Not sad...just disappointed.
  2. It could very well be LostFan101 is really a Lost fan...and held some MAJOR reveals back so that even if we read this...we'd be in for a WTF/OMG or two. I hope so.
  3. Frozen Donkey Wheel...Is Literal.
Anyway...Read away if you, like me, can't wait the agonizing extra week for the finale. If the print is too small like the last VidText I posted (I think DarkUFO does it this way by design to limit the spread of spoilers), follow the link to the DarkUFO site where the player is larger and easier to read.

Thank you to DarkUFO and LostFan for the effort. And especially for the considerate way they are posting the material.

Namaste...and enjoy

There's No Place Like Home: Parts 2 and 3

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