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Friday, May 30, 2008

I'm Surprised

You know, I've been saying for about a year now that the sci-fi stuff was the trees not letting us see the forrest. I think there was a line last night confirming that.

Silly Dharma Experiments

Dharma in all their wisdom, were able to move a bunny ahead in time milliseconds. If you think about it, the frozen donkey wheel without being frozen is a relic from ancient times (I'll come back to this later). When Ben turned it he and his parka and his cut arm vanished. In a previous episode Ben and his parka and his cut arm show up in a desert. And low and behold, he's got some vapor coming off of him.

When you go from freezing cold to extreme desert heat with no buffer, vapor will rise from you too.

Then Ben shows up at a hotel desk and asks the date...wanting to find out the year.

Yes, there is time travel. But...

This is minor folks. It's dressing to make this journey fun. The real clue as to what the show is was at the end.

He said things had gone bad on the island and I was the reason.

If Jack has not been on the island in 3 years, why is it his fault. More to the point, why does Jack believe it's his fault?

Because Jack is Locke's balance.

Locke is faith. A ruler cannot lead by faith alone. Just because one believes something to be true, that does not make it true...or false, for that matter. Because Locke will lead from a standpoint of faith only, he will be a bad leader. In his heart he knew that, and that's why he asked Jack to stay. And because he led that way, things went bad on the island. And because his "balance"...his constant, per se, left him, it's the balance's fault.

Now, let's go back to the donkey wheel. That ancient relic. That ancient relic that somehow can make an island vanish...move.

It was ancient, wasn't it? Why and how could something so time dated cause such a "god-like" event? What in those times where this ancient artifact would have been used...been common place...could make such a primitive relic do such an incredible thing?

OMG...The gods!! They would use ancient tools. They were capable of spectacular achievements.
So if you're looking for what is to come, consider this. Faith and reason will have to balance out in order for things that went bad on the island to be corrected. Seems like a big problem if you consider...

  • Faith/Locke appears to be dead
  • Reason/Jack has to convince everyone to go back
  • Kate has been told by a dead Claire vision not to take Aaron back
  • Sun looks to be hooking up with Widmore
  • Sayid and Hurley are at an undisclosed location
  • In order to set things straight, Jack has to team up with a lying, conniving bug eyed bastard he can't trust.
Sounds like a hell of a journey, huh?

One more thing. Why did things go bad on the island? Well, in addition to Locke being a bad leader, Juliet and Sawyer think freighter went boom with Jack and Sun and Jin and so forth all on the ship. So they're all dead...except their not. Then the island moved and they realize all this stuff that went down this year with the rescue and non-rescue and the mercenaries et al could possibly be blamed on whoever it was they think moved the island. And his name is...

Faith Alone

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