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Friday, May 30, 2008

Johnathan Locke, RIP

Poor Johnny, picked on as a child, betrayed by a parent, rejected by a woman, refused admittance to a walkabout, failure as a leader. At the moment of his great triumph as he's supposed to save the Island he can't find the latch to the secret door, then Ben treats Locke like a child and lets John watch videos while he does all the work. Somehow in spite of it all Locke ascends to King of the island... and in a matter of years - we'll no doubt find out how next season - he dies and gets badly painted in a little box. It's a hard life of a man of faith who never knows quite what to believe in.

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Napoleon Park said...

This portrait was photoshopped from a screen cap provided by Room 23's own Edshrinker. Thanx, Ed.