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Friday, May 16, 2008

The New Adventures of The Outrageous Oceanic Six

Look out "Heroes", Season Five of "Lost" raises the Awesomeness level to eleven! The Oceanic Six gain incredible off-Island Super-Powers!
Watch as Doctor Oceanic's incredible decision making abilities allow him to lead his team on trek after long tedious trek in search of Adventure! See Oceana seduce and manipulate every man they meet while handing Oceanic-Tot off to faithful Asian companion Mama-O. Behold, as O.C. Dude uses his amazing numerology based probability bending talents to warn of impending dangers, and gaze in wonderment as Oceanic-Man gives solid, sensible advice which is always ignored, and then get results with his deadly neck-break-dance moves.

Will the fab sextet Get Back to where they once belonged? One man stands in their way: arch enemy Master Planner, whose extensive list making abilities allow him to be prepared against any eventuality... except Dr. Oceanic's ability to make senseless random decisions, and Oceana's unpredictable behavior, and O.C.Dude's super-stitious irrationality and..., well you get the idea.

And hold your breaths for Season Six of Lost as Ji Yeon as Oceanic-Babe arrives and joins the Oceanic Seven and they change their name to the LiJeon of Super-Heroes as they clash with Jacob, The Living Island and his Cabin of Ghosts!

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