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Friday, May 16, 2008

Moving an island

The ability to move an island has got to take a lot of power...whether it's moving it through time or physically. Power, in another sense of the words corrupts, and absolute power corrupts the phrase goes.

I'm going to talk about the coming in 2 weeks thing at the end of last night's episode here, and some spec I have about what was shown there, so if you consider that spoilerific, stop reading.

In the finale Locke is supposed to say to Jack something like "Look at what I'm about to do now. I'm going to move the island. I was told to by Jacob. I was chosen to do this powerful thing. I have the power."

He gets in Jack's face about it. He will be as defiant and strong-headed about this positively as he was about not pushing the button negatively.

Locke is nuts. Okay, maybe not nuts...misguided...easily conned. He's also a doubting Thomas, but a doubting Thomas about his own beliefs. He's been tried and tested his entire life, and he passed all the tests. His whole life has been leading up to this moment, so it must be his time. So he will defiantly do this in the name of "the best interest of the island" and in the face of Jack.

Two side notes we all know.
  1. Widmore sent mercenaries to capture Ben and to kill everyone else.
  2. Ben lies, shot Locke, and has fallen out of favour with the island.

So if you were Locke, would you trust Ben? Widmore? If you were Locke...if you and your faith now had it's purpose, if you had been chosen...would you chance the remote possibility of having 2 powerful people knowing where or when the island was.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have our 3rd power. Locke, with Ben's help, will move the island so Widdy cannot find it. Then he will cast Ben out. And Locke will lead.

I said it earlier this year, but Locke's not a leader. He makes huge mistakes...trusts the wrong easily conned. But he has the power now, and the island trusted him...chose him. So he will do things in the name and for the good of the island.

And some of those things will be wrong. And he will see his power slipping and he will do things to regain that power. And some of those things will cause Locke to lose the islands favor. And to regain that favor he will do things for his own good.

To lead with power of this magnitude, to keep the power that he sees as being best in his hands, he will be corrupted by his own hands...corrupted by power...just like Ben.

And the island will call the O6 back to overthrow Locke.

And isn't this this battle between faith and science we've been talking about for years now? Are faith and science (Locke and Jack) about to battle? If so, it looks like faith will win the battle in the season finale.

But if Jack is science, and if science is called into a war with faith, he has to have followers...believers. He has to make believers out of Kate and Sun and possibly Sayid (although I personally think Sayid will be a Ben follower that needs to be "rehabilitated"). Hurley's already there...ready to go back...and may end up being Jack's "spirit guide", so to speak.

So Jack will have to find his own faith...become balanced between faith and science. And he will have to lead. But Jack is a leader, and with a balance of faith and science should be a solid, strong leader...a leader who will be able to make decisions in the best interest of the island and his followers.

A balance of and for power. As a Libra, I'm all for that...political ramifications and all.


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Que Lindo said...

I wholeheartedly agree with this theory.

Jack will find his destiny by the end of season 5.

And in season 6, the man of science will claim it.