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Saturday, May 24, 2008

POLL: What is Meant by, "Moving the Island"?

In the Two-Hour Season Finale, we see a Confident (Nay, Cocky) John Locke proudly proclaim that he is about to unleash an honest to God miracle.
It is assumed he is referring to the little trip the Island is about to make. Unless Locke is planning to get out and push, I'm not quite sure what he is so smug about. My thinking is that Dharma Technology is going to do all the heavy lifting. But on to the poll:

47% - Felt the island will be moved in both Time and Space.
31% - Believe the Island will be moved Temporally only.
5 % - Said the Island will only move physically (surprising!)
2 % - Had another answer.
1 % - See the Island heading for another dimension.

Once again, if you have any ideas for a poll, write one up in the comments section below and we will consider posting it for you.



Edshrinker said...

I was just thinking - they may not overtly link the island move to the Tsunami...except you might hear a news report in the background or something very subtle. So let's keep our geek ears tuned. And wouldn't it be perfect considering Locke's major clusterf@#ks of the past to find out that all his confidence and smugness ends up in one of the greatest "natural" disasters in recent history. You see the finger-quotes I'm using around "natural".

Napoleon Park said...

A one per cent vote for "dimension X"? Did this poll really get 100 votes or are you just rounding down?

I was the vote for "other" based on the island not moving physically or temporally, just altering the radiation characteristics that prevent it from being detected so the headings and calculations needed to find it have to be changed.

Edshrinker said...

No NP, those were just percentages based upon 30 votes.