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Monday, May 26, 2008

POLL Results: Who gets Season 5 Off?

The Poll has closed for the question that will annoy many of us Emilie de Ravin fans for eight months...or at least until some sneaky folk grab some set shots in a few months. She is now an integral part of the island mythology and a major motivation for Jack to get back. Though she will never admit it, Kate probably would like nothing more for Claire, the true mother to Turniphead, to stay Lost. Will the writers put Claire on ice until season 6? A total of 31 people voted, and it is clear most are thinking along those lines. Unfortunately, I think they are right.

Kristen Dos Santos states that one of our beloved Losties will be taking Season 5 off, to return in season 6. This person: (1) Has been with the show since season 1, (2) Is a female. Who is getting the unfortunate, Michael-style vacation?

Claire Littleton 74%
Rose Nadler 4%
Sun Kwon 2%
Kate Austin 1%
Madison 1%

I would laugh my tail off if Darlton gave Vincent (Madison) the season off and made a big announcement like it was going to be Evangeline Lilly. But, the trusty Lab has his/her own flashback yet and will prove to be the biggest hero of the island I foresee many scenes in seasons 5 and 6 for DOG.

Where's My Agent!!!

UPDATE: At least it is an update to me. I just saw our lovely Ms de Ravin is filming with Johnny Depp and Christian Bale in the movie Public Enemies, due out in 2009. It explains some of the photos of her on IMBb, with the new "do". Our girl is working with Michael Mann in the 30's era drama right now - I wonder if that means our poll is right.

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