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Friday, May 9, 2008

As Promised...More Interesting ScreenGrabage

This just might be my favorite sequence of LOST...ever. Hugo, with his ever-present kindness. Benjamin with full-on juju bug eyes, determined to get a chunk of that Apollo bar. The second shot is priceless - Hurley defeated easily, yet Ben still firing away with the mojo. I love it.

Here are some reaction shots of Claire - when John finally asks the right question. Emilie de Ravin is finally getting a chance to act instead of being the always worried, baby transport. Even mostly dead - this is one beautiful woman. Does that make me a mostly necropheliac?

And lastly, we have the last shot of the Next Week promo shown during the credits. It shows a whole bunch of folks converging on the transport plane as the Oceanic 6 get ready to begin their new and wonderf.... oh nevermind. We do know THAT aint gonna happen. I just thought it was a cool shot as LOST begins to fade in over the picture.

ScreenGrabbage property of JJ Abrams and Bad Robot productions. Reproduced with absolutely NO permission - as no one returns my calls.

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