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Friday, May 9, 2008

Cabin Fever Podcast Transcript

Provided by DarkUFO

1) Both mother's names are SueTalk about Something Nice Back Home:

2) Damon's mom loved it and is fan of Sawyer, Cuse's mom says Jack has better resume, but Sawyer is much more attractive. She loved it also and they have no idea what's going on and do not know who is in the coffin..

3) Funny moment occurs when one mom says Jack's chest hair is Locke's toupee

4) Claire by the fire and CS appearance: Damon's mom says that Claire wants her dad to see Aaron. Also that these characters are are seeing what they want to see and that the island lets them see these things/images. Cuse's mom feels an alternate reality dropped on the show at some point.

5) Talk about how Darlton read books as kids and have a love for books

6) Sawyer is a big reader and Damon teases the moms saying that's why they like Saywer. Lindelof's mom challenges Cuse's mom for Sawyer and then they make their plea for why they should be with Sawyer.

7) Word Association:Locke - SmartJack - Flustered (I think that is what they said)Desmond - ConfusingJuliet - HonestMr. Friendly - Not HonestBen - Bi-PolarHurley - OverweightClaire - Who!?

8) Moms ask questions:Damon's Mom: Who is in the coffin? - We will learn in the season finale.Carlton's Mom: Is Locke next chosen one for the island? This question will be addressed this week in Cabin Fever. His mom thinks yes that he is and that Jacob sent for hima little discussion about religion happenes and Darlton confirms that they will cover more Buddhism in this week's episode and that they did a bunch of research for it.Fan Questions:

9) Will we see Richard Alpert? Yes before the end of the season and sooner than you think.

10) In Shape of Things to Come, Widmore Claims it is his island, but has he been there?? Not necessarily his, because it is relative and has he ever been to the island....

11) Does Aaron have 4-toes?

12) Dharma Food Drops still coming to the island, so someone must know where the island is? We will cover more about Dharma next year and we will address the Dharma drop and talk about the possibility of time element.

13) Any thing left for Jack and Juliet? There is still a possibility.

14) During the attack by Keamy and company. Doug was killed, but kind of laugh that the second guy was Steve.

15) Claire better not be dead!? Will Jack and Claire ever find out if the are brother and sister? Should not read too much into the moment that she disappears. We will see Claire before the end of the season. As far as when they find out, not yet, but it will be a satisfying moment.

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