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Thursday, May 1, 2008

For The Lost Boys Fans

In the lower article Ed suggested I not forget to mention the Television Program Listing Magazine's inclusion of Josh Holloway - James "Sawyer" Ford - on their "TV's Sexiest Stars' list. Here's a mention and pic from a three year old Entertainment Weekly cover - issue 815, in case you can't make out the fine print. This cover contained a spoiler, touting Boone as "Lost's first casualty" before his final appearance aired. First, "Major character" casualty, I think they meant, since the 815 survivors had already lost Seth Norris (who hadn't even been given a name other than "the pilot" at that time), Joanna, Gary Troup (guy sucked into turbine)... and didn't Ethan's slaughter of Scott predate Boone's death too? Of course three years has brought about an awful lot of casualties (including Charlie, shown on the cover - and is anyone expecting Michael, also shown, to get away from the island a second time?) - way too many to keep the order straight.

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