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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Kristin from E! Does Her Thing

Kristin loves the soapy aspects of LOST, God bless her, and she doesn't believe the Jate kiss in the intro last week was our Spectacular kiss. Most could do without the soap stuff - unless this had to do with Des and Pen. And THAT kiss is probably a Season 6 sweeps moment.

Take it Away Ms Dos Santos:

Alexandre in Toulon, France: Kristin! God I lose my French accent when I saw Jack and Kate hooked up! what happened? Please tell me it was a nightmare and Kate's heart still belongs to Sawyer!

Hee! Sorry, I had to include this question, 'cause it cracks me up. Who knew a TV show could make you lose your accent? But I hear you, mon petit fromage! Here's the thing: That spectacular kiss is still coming. In the season finale. Only a few weeks away. So let's all sit tight, OK?

Ally in Ireland: Please tell me Sawyer doesn't die...He isn't one of the Oceanic 6?

Right, he's not. But Sawyer doesn't die. He's alive. On the Island.

Heather in Taos, N.M.: Is Locke still alive on the Island in the future? He has to be, right?

Yes. He is.

Source: Kristin

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