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Sunday, May 4, 2008

"LOST" Wallpaper Screengrab

Yup, I did this.
And, yes, I run with 16 web-browsers.
You know, in case one breaks.

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Napoleon Park said...

Just to show I CAN post something here that doesn't involve pretty girls. I think I run a petty tidy desktop.
The folder icons down the left side below "my computer" are "security" (anti virus, anti-spy, cleaners, de-frag, etc.), "My Documents" (.jpgs, .mpgs, {legal] MP3s, text), "This Stuff" (with a sub-folder labeled "exe.files"), Toys, Image (art programs, Photoshop, etc.), Write (everything from notepad to Word), Music (iTunes, etc.), Video (players, splicers, converters), Games (mostly from Game Giveaway Of The Day), a rapid emergency Shutdown.bat and the recycle bin.
I know some people who LIKE having 100 some icons on their desk top - I prefer to keep mine sorted and out of the way.
Pretty 'neat', huh?