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Tuesday, May 6, 2008



Napoleon Park said...

gotilk at AICN said this clip contained a spoiler. Actually "a child left motherless' and "torch the island" could be considered two spoilers - but previous spoilers have hinted that there will still be non-O6 survivors living on the Island, so apparently it doesn't get completely napalmed.
I'm sure they won't do this, but you know what would be a complete dirty trick? An off-Island flash forward showing either Zach or Emma's mother dying. Z&E, of course, are 'the children" from the tail section taken by the Others. Since Ji Yeon is not yet born, she can't become motherless. and Walt is already motherless. That leaves Aaron as the obvious and Z&E as unlikely possibles. Just covering all the angles.

Paul Burrows said...

Actually how I read the motherless comment is that Aaron was abandoned in the jungle since Claire went into the jungle and left him behind. Hence the Motherless comment.