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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Michael Giacchino Signing

This afternoon I had the chance to go to a composer signing at a local Burbank (North of LA) book/music store called Dark Delicacies. All of the Composers from the Varese Sarabande label were there signing Autographs. I got there bought the seasons 3 Soundtrack and received a wait number and was told I could leave & come back if I wanted.

When I came back I want in and went through all of the other composers that I had no interest in. While in line one of the composers (Matthew Joseph Peak) saw my CD and told me that he was the one that designed the layout of the CD packaging, (which I assume that he also did most of that seasons posters, etc.) But he didn't do the previous seasons DVD'S or CD's. I told him how much I admired his work on it and how great it was.

While in line I spoke with a woman who was also getting Lost stuff signed and asked her how she liked the current season. She told me that she thought that they (Darlton) were making it up as they went. That they seemed to be introducing all of these new elements in a random nature. I didn't really want to get into an argument so I changed the subject and started talking about how great Thursdays episode was and then shut up.

When it was finally my turn to get to Michael I asked him to sign my CD and over and over told him how awesome I thought that his music on Lost was. He thanked me and I asked him what it was like working with Lindelhoff & Cuse. He told me that they were awesome to work with, very funny and very helpful in getting work done. I then gave him a copy of my sketchbook portfolio with the Lost drawing and he told me how much he loved them. After that he was kind enough to consent to a photo and one of the store people volunteered to take a picture. Unfortunately both turned out with ether my mouth open or my eyes closed.

I do have to say though that Michael Giacchino is such an awesome guy and very kind to his fans.


Napoleon Park said...

As much as I loved Angelo Badalamenti's work on Twin Peaks, and with all due respect to the great careers of Lalo Schifrin and Jerry Goldsmith, I think this guy is doing some of the weirdest, most experimental and daring, and moodiest and most evocative music for a TV show... ever!
The question I wished you asked him: did he write that "(poom)... LOST" tone thing at the end of each episode?

rbrog77 said...

Paul - did you tell him of my Ode to Lost thing?

Just wondering...

Paul Burrows said...


Sorry I forgot to, I always get insituations like that where I don't remember until afterwards half of the things that I want to say.