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Saturday, May 10, 2008

(Misfit) My REVIews!! Cabinet FEVER!!

My REVIews!! Cabinet FEVER!!

Hello!! AFTER my pc WAS stolen I am BACK and REVIEWING lost!! I suspECT the ratings DECLINE in lost was MY fault as I could NOT find all the CLUES for you!!HEre is MY review with PHOTOS made ELECTRONICALLY and some questions that MUST!!! be asked!!It LOOKS like Jacob has Hired Jacks dead DAD to be his Secretary!!

WHY has claire BECOME such a bad mom!!She should NOT leave BABY erin alone with A man THAT likes to eat grenades LIKE Niles!!

It LOOKs like MAtthew ABandoned has been DEMOTED to a Hospital Janitor AFTER the failed Mission to Resuce BEN!!

It appears THAT there are 2 DOC Rays!! This ONE is ALIVE!!

I now UNDERSTAND the title of this EPISODE much better!! It seems THAT locke liked to HIDE in Cabinets!!

IT is always NICE to see Leonard SIMMS from the Loony BIN home!!It looks LIKE he has recovered from HIS Connect 4 Defeat AT the HANDS of HURLEY and has fixed his GLASSES!!

THIS was very CONFUSING!!It looks LIKE Creamy was getting READY for a job with his IPOD!! The BOAT is a little small to go running!!

FRank Lapdancer NEEDS to close the Helicopter DOORS before TAKEoff as his BAG of books fell OUT and LANDED on Poor Charlies HOUSE!! That is THE last thing he needs when HE returns from THE looking GLASS station!!

This WAS odd!!I did NOT know THAT Richard Alpen was LOCKEs dad!!Why did LOCKE not recognise his OWN dad on the ISLAND!!

It LOOKS like younge LOCKE encountered THE Smoke MONSTER at School as his school PAINTING shows SMOKEY attacking SOMEONE with BIG ears and no HAIR!!

RICHARD alpen is a BAD bad Bad DAD!!He is trying to GET younge LOCKE to take CRACK or HEROIN or maybe SALT!!That is not good for a BOY his age!!

AND then HE tries to GIVE him a RUSTY knife!! What is GOING on!! WHERE is his MUM!!

Creamy AS i have long SUSPECT is Widmores SON and working for HIM!!

WHY is Harold Godspot ATTACKING all the trees!! MAYBE like MR Echo he IS building a TREBUCHET!!

THIS was a cruel SCENE!!THere was nO need to put BABY locke in a Microwave!!

I still CANNOT believe Richard Alpen is Lockes DAD!!

I will FIND some Eastern EGGS later!!


Maximus Prime said...

sorry to hear about ur computer mate, we'll get Sayid after the son of a bitch who stole it...

Napoleon Park said...

Amazing enough, that comment about the stick figure in 5 year old Locke's drawing being a man "with big ears and no hair" actually IS a clue. What if young Locke's drawing foretold his own death at the "hands" of the Smoke Monster?

redfishbluefish said...

the misfit is canadian!