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Friday, May 9, 2008

My thoughts on "Cabin Fever"

Man I loved that episode! Last season Ben & Locke visited Jacobs cabin right before the Charlie episode and got the backstory on Ben's birth and now we get Locke's birth. Both great episodes! I love how disoriented you are at the begining, wondering where we are and who the characters are, usually you only get that in a season premiere. It shows Lockes Mom running to that jerk Sawyer (The original) and getting hit by a car. It further shows what a piece of work that he was by the fact that he was twice her age!

Than it goes to the Horace Goodspeed dream which reminds me of when Eko's brother Remy appeared to Locke in a dream tellinghim to climb up to where Boone's death plane was and find the ? hatch. This really shows how Ben has fallen out of favor with the island with his comment about not having dreams anymore. It also makes me wonder if Ben is right about Locke being manipulative like Ben and Locke is fooling himself or if Locke is really a different type of choosen one like he claims.

Then theres Richard Alpert and how he just showed up right after John's birth as if he somehow knew that the or a choosen one would be born. Then he shows up again when John is older and tests him to see if he really was a choosen one, but apparantly he choose the knife which wasn't the right item, from how long the camera focused on it my guess is the Book of Law was the correct one.?.? Then during the High School scene where Richard's presense is felt through Mittlos Bioscience summer camp, and how John is consciously fighting his so called destiny. We got another "You can't tell me what to do!"

It's interesting that it toke Abadon to finally convince him of following his destiny and in reality it was more of a trick through the walkabout (which we learned more about in season 1). Which leads me to wonder, are Richard & Adabon working together? Or are they on competing sides and if so who are they working for respectivly? It creeped me out for a second there where Abadon wheeled John to the edge of the stairs, I thought sure that he was going to push him down the stairs.

Then there was the visit to JAcobs cabin and how Christian was Jacob's mouthpiece and how Claire was there and happy about it and about not being with her baby. and about how Aaron was where he was supposed to be. Which made me question the idea that being there lead him off the island and into Kate's custody. If that was the right thing what about the psychics' prediction off bad things happening if anyone else raised Aaron? (Which Jack & Kate hinted at in the last episode.) I loved the moment between Ben & Hurley when Hurley shared his candy bar with Ben. Very funny.

It was interesting how Ben kept claiming how Locke was the one in favor with Jacob now. Going with the Jacob analogy that Doc Jennson gave yesterday, I was thinking that Doc said that Jacob had a son named Benjamin. Well in the bible when Joseph came along he became the favorate son, and his brothers threw him into a pit to sell him into egypt, but that put him into a place to save everyone. Well if you think of John Locke as Joseph, Locke became the favored one, Ben threw him into a pit (Shot him) and now Locke might be the means of saving everyone from Keemy?

Which leads me to the frighter shinanigans. Looks like Keemy has now become the big bad of the island. Now that the Doctor & Captain are dead it looks like they are nicer then we thought. Which also shows that the time displacement is a bit bigger now then when Farady did his Rocket Clock test. Its was also interesting seeing that device on Keemy's arm. Im guessing that was the thing that protected them from the Smoke Monster. It seems like Keemy (or Widmore) knows a lot more about the island then we thought and now has a means to wipe out the entire island.

Im liking Frank more & more. He ended up having to fly the helicoptor, by still made a way for Jack and groups to be able to track them. And now it looks like Locke has been asked to move the island! I so can't wait for the last three episodes!
(I'll add to my thought later.)

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