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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My thoughts on "Something Back Home"

I really enjoyed this episode, while it wasn't on the same level as "The Constant" it had quite a bit to it. Im supprised that no one else has given their thoughts yet.

I loved the Milleninum Falcon reference and Darltons constant use of pop culture references.

before watching this episode I expected to get all of Jacks future history up to last seasons finale, but I guess that we'll get that in this season s finale. With Charlie visiting Hurley, Libby visiting Michael and Christian visiting Jack, I wonder who will visit Sun, Sayid & Kate. Maybe that Bald lover will visit Sun and Nadia will visit Sayid. Although since Sayid's working for Ben and maybe thus the island maybe Sayid won't recieve a visitaion?

This is the first episode that I actually like Miles. It reminds me of latter in season 2 when Ana Lucia actually became a little likable. Although he was a jerk about letting Clarie walk off into the jungle.

Which also excites me. I wonder what was so important that she would leave Aaron behind and why leave him away from Sawyer & Miles? I can't wait to see what happens.

I enjoyed finding out that Daniel likes Charlotte, he reminds me of a puppy dog. I'd feel sorry for him if they would ever get together, she would walk all over him. I also liked how Jin saw right through Charlottes pretending to not speak Korean. Looks like the Beach Survivors keep one upping them with that and the morris code.

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Jamie said...

Shannon would be a poignant visitor for Sayid. The Federal Marshall would remind Kate about her past life and how she secretly believes she does not deserve anything good. That might convince her to give up her life and head back to the island.