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Monday, May 5, 2008

The Question is...

Are we talking a simple error, a different scar, or something else entirely?

The Poll is now open for your input. Comments are always a sign of a thoughtful answer. Especially if you choose "Other". We want to know exactly what you mean.


Edshrinker said...

I've digitally blown this up 5 ways to Sunday. It is a scar on the right. But it is not where Juliet laid the blade. So what is going on?

I don't buy "The Island Healed the Scar" bit. And as careful as these guys are...they even know to they can't prop a news clipping now because we'll figure it out.

Maybe the thought Hurley is right - they are not really off the Island. They are still in Wonderland where scars don't exist. Or at least recent scars.

I look very forward to the "OTHER" selections. I'm quite sure you guys can do better than the options I provided.

Node32774 said...

ed, you're overthinking here.

Napoleon Park said...

If the tattoed shoulder in the foreground in Jack then that's Jack's reflection in a mirror. If the scar in the reversed reflection is on his left, then it's on the right side of his body. Isn't that where Juliet operated?
If I'm completely wrong about this, I woke up in the middle of my sleep cycle, peed, took some pills and am heading back to bed, writing this while half asleep.

Edshrinker said...

Nope - not over thinking but Node is right to the extent I read too much on this eppy.

Arguments all over place (like the BuddyTv thing above the poll post)are SURE there was no scar. So, I want to give them their voice. I should have made a 5th category though. Scar is there and right where it should be. My 1st comment is wrong. Nap is right - the mirror is what threw me.

The mirror. I like the irony of that. NOW I am over thinking.

redfishbluefish said...

much better image here:

and, yes, you are definitely overthinking it.

Edshrinker said...

The way Juliet was knitting that sucker up - he sure wound up with a decent scar. She's not even a surgeon. Nice work.

Anonymous said...

I've had my appendix scar on my right side since I was 8. Mine is horizontal - his goes on an angle. Looks ok to me - some of you are overanalyzing this, I think. Kind of like Miles' 3.2 million offer.