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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Rick's Thoughts on Cabin Fever

Strange thought now that I’m watching it again. Do you think whoever it was that hit Emily was trying to kill John? And I’m no expert on premature babies, but it seemed they rolled him away awfully quick. A conspiracy theorist might say it was to protect him. A crazy conspiracy theorist might say it was to switch him.

I’m not so sure I agree with you guys about Keamy. I really don’t like this guy. Then again, if someone can get that emotion out of you he’s got to be good...right?

I think they told us a big big answer to a long standing theory, You know the theory where folks have said they all do it over and over again until they get it right? The scene with Horace was not only to show us where the cabin was, it was also to show us that things to repeat themselves on the island. Horace said “hello there” twice, told Locke his name was Horace twice, and cut or pushed over the tree 3 times.

So maybe when someone says things aren’t supposed to happen, we should listen.

I loved Ben’s “I used to have dreams”.

For some reason I thought of Carnivale when Emily said she couldn’t hold John and ran away. If I remember correctly, the women who bore the “avatars” went crazy after giving birth. We saw Emily as a crazy woman later in life. Walt’s mom died strangely. Ben’s died during childbirth. So do we have a parallel here?

I had to pause it and laugh when Richard was standing on the other side of the window when the nurse asked Mrs. Locke if he was the father If there ever was anyone who could pass for Rod Serling.........hilarious!!

Best line – “What happened to them?” “He did.”

I thought when I first saw it, and still think the picture on the wall John drew is/was smokie. But viewing it this time, I caught something else. Richard knew what it was too. If that’s the case, and if he is an “immortal”, that would seem to indicate smokie’s been around since before Dharma.

Then again, when you use before and after and such you’re talking about time. If the all times happen at once or the time is not linear theories are correct, who’s to say what happens when. It could be Richard knew smokie would be invented in the future.

My brain hurts.

The comic book is a little curious too. Mystery Tales – All Brand-New Mystery Tales. The “What was the secret of the mysterious Hidden Land!” The picture shows 1 city floating on a cloud above another city, but the one below looks older...less advanced. There’s also another bubble on the bottom of the page that seems to say “Does it pay to Hear (?) the Voice Of Warning!” Not sure about the word Hear. Could be heed or something else entirely.

BTW – the comic was approved by the Comics Code Authority and it cost 10 cents.

Little John picked the sand and the compass to start, and Richard seemed quite happy about it. The sand was probably island sand, and the compass looked to be broken. But instead John picked the knife, and Richard was not happy. John was basically saying way back then he was not going to be what everyone else wanted him to be. He would not choose what he clearly already knew belonged to him. He was going to do what he wanted, not what people told him.

John continues to choose the “incorrect” path. Richard said on his way out the door “I’m afraid John’s not quite ready for our school.” My take is John isn’t ready to be in charge of the island yet either.

Did we miss this? Keamy said if they were going to torch the island there was only 1 place Linus could go. Anyone want to fathom a guess where that is? The temple, perhaps?

There are consequences to being chosen, because destiny is a fickle bitch. Ben says this after he talks about his tumor and Alex getting shot and that those things had to happen because it was his destiny. It would seem Locke is in for a lot of conflict if the island is going to try to tell him what to do. And if there’s conflict, there will be consequences, right?

Maybe Hugo knew what he was talking about when he said he should have never gone with Locke.

Okay, the Abbadon scene was creepy. He said a miracle happened to him, he talked about his walkabout, and said when he and Locke ran into each other again Locke would owe him one. Something makes me think Abbadon is not who or what we think he is.

We saw Ben in the future so in control of things. Get’s into Widmore’s penthouse so easily. Get’s Sayid to be a mercenary for him. But he gave up control in the cabin scene pretty easy to John. Ben being the master manipulator that he is, anyone else think he did it knowing there would be “consequences”?

Speaking of manipulating, Christian and Claire seemed to do a masterful job of it too. Me thinks John lied to Jack a few seasons back. It’s “never been easy to believe” was a lie.


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