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Friday, May 2, 2008



Edshrinker said...

The Duuuuude! How in THE HELL did Ben miss THIS one with the all-in-one, industrial strength Dharma killing gas (how would one market THAT product!).

If he was holed up in a hatch somewhere (Orchid I imagine), then there have to be dozens of Dharmaites all over the Island in litte workign areas, right? I wonder if he has bad feeling about Benjamin adolescent rebellion (in his late 20's)?
Ben aged into adulthood. What is up with Duuude? (Someone watch Season 3 and get that name on the coverall, quick!). He looks YOUNGER, doesn't he? Wonder i8f that is the killing gas side effect? It KILLS you - but you return better, younger and immortal! Cool. Let me have a puff!

Paul Burrows said...

I remember that he was shown dead (gassed) on a park bench.