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Friday, May 2, 2008

SPOILER.....The In (Famous?) Return of Horace Goodspeed

I'm really not solid how this is going to play out, but one thing is
for certain...

Mr Goodspeed was NOT punched in the face.
And methinks he has a nosebleed.

Someone is in dire need of a Constant.
Will the return (or at least the explanation of the life of)

a very Special fellow Dharmaite explained?

Prolly not. But we will find out if Horace had Lasik or the Island cured him of his trendy glasses.

Lostpedia may (and I repeat may) have to edit their Bio.

Horace Goodspeed
Also Known As
Date of birth
Date of death
United States
Mathematician for the DHARMA Initiative
In Australia...
On the plane...
On the island...
Family Members
Helped Roger during Ben's birth
Recruited Roger for the DHARMA Initiative

1 comment:

Edshrinker said...

I sure hope Olivia made it. My God she was one fine DharmaHippie. ANd I imagine being a teacher she got hit with the All-in-one Super Dharma New and Improved Killing Gas (TM)