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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Benjamin Linus, bug-eyed and sneaky

Redfishbluefish wrote at AICN: "I just love Michael Emerson's crooked, bug-eyed face. It's got so much character. He is brilliant."
Agreed, totally. Here's a portrait of "Henry Gale" I did a few years ago. I've been looking for an excuse to post it here, and your comment will do. Thanx.


Maximus Prime said...

Fucking superb NP....quality quality quality

Napoleon Park said...

For the record and lest I get any undeserved credit, this is not a drawing or painting - it is a downloaded photo manupulated with several filters in Photoshop. Apply "watercolor", then fade back to a subtle 10-20% and repeat with various other filters and color adjustments.
I like the scruffy scabrous appearance, but it's Emerson's expression that really makes this pop.
My favorite version of Gale/Linus, other than hotel intruding black trenchcoat Double-Oh-Ben from TSOTTC, is when his tousled hair is sticking up all random, giving him a incongrous frightened, confused and startled appearance. Benjamin Linus, Alton Brown and Stan Laurel, seperated at birth.

Matthew said...

This is pretty awful...running a PS filer ona photo is hardly art.