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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Thoughts on Cabin Fever

favourite part was the Ben Hurley food scene...a touch of gold

The Locke Ben dynamic is getting better and better.....maybe Locke is handing out teh orders to Ben to save teh Oceanic 6 in the future..

Shepard and happy Claire..what the fuck???

Michael still cant get fucking shot, thats a great superpower to have..

just when I was starting to like teh Captain..bang...well at least I hate Keamy a bit more now...

The great Sayid to teh rescue once again, wonder what Des is they know Michael was right, Des and Michael maybe plotting something from where they are...

Horace was a pure mind-fuck, at least it was a dream....

Nice to see Alpert and Abbadon back, mostly Alpert though..

John likes to draw Somkie stuff,,, interesting

nice to see the Dahrma mass grave again and the Locke, Ben, Hurley playoff there

Keamy's plan B, head for the temple and torch the fucking place, also have a device on his arm that if it doesnt read his heart rate some amount of shit will blow up....end of season prediction, huge on island explosion and the 6 are being taken away, they dont know who or what survives, we certinaly wont have a clue

oh and move the Island, unless there is a huge puff of Smoke that fucking lifts it or its a on island movement from the Volcano or earthquakes or something, then I dont have a clue

great episode all round, i'll have to give it a second viewing..

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Edshrinker said...

I'm really thinking "moving it in time" MP. Physically moving it? I want to hear that one. We know they are going to the Orchid station and the tech is there to jump in time or dimensions or whatever. So...

God I love this show. The screegrabs I put up with Ben and Hurley - that mojo Ben is using on him is just not fair. And Hugo is too nice.